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What ride/character would you like to see in Walt Disney World, a new Star Wars trilogy, Special Guests and more! - Disney Discussions

November 15, 2017

Tony the Disney Dad, his two boys and three friends discuss what ride/character would you like to see in Walt Disney World, Disney News, a new Star Wars trilogy, and more on episode 12 of Disney Discussions.

Warning: this is our silliest episode yet!

01:03 Welcome!
We have 3 special Guests! Chip is back and Huey and Mickey join us
01:50 News
01:59 Star Wars Projections on the Tower of Terror for Galactic Nights - Source
03:30 Christmas Party Merchandise - Source
05:11 Tron Roller coaster work has begun in Magic Kingdom - Source
06:13 A new Star Wars trilogy has been announced! - Source
07:13 I try to explain what this new means and what a trilogy is
09:33 Disney's new streaming service details - Source
10:52 EPCOT's 2018 Flower and Garden announcement - Source
12:36 Spectaculab in EPCOT details - Source
13:50 The Main Topic
What ride/character would you like to see in Walt Disney World
The kids had some great ideas!
22:48 Disney Trivia - The three lost Walt Disney World hotels
24:53 Disney Tips & Tricks - Single rider lines and Rider Swap
26:58 Disney Media Pick - RobPlays, Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/RobPlaysThatGame and He hosts the TTAPodcast with Christine

27:52 Your favorite souvenirs
29:24 Good bye
31:11 Bloopers

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