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Play Fair NY Part 2, Star Tour changes, Rebels Mid-season finale and more! - Disney Discussions

November 22, 2017

Tony the Disney Dad, his two boys discuss Play Fair NY Part 2, Star Tour changes, Rebels Mid-season finale and more on episode 13 of Disney Discussions.

01:45 Star Wars Rebels miod season finale
03:33 Battlefront II
04:55 News
05:03 Star Tours changes - Source
05:29 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge planet has a name! - Source
08:15 Mark Hamill rides Star Tours - Source
09:19 DisneyLand After Dark throw back parties - Source
10:22 Mickey's Christmas parade has some changes from last year - Source
11:07 Disney Magic is getting a Tangled Eatery - Source
12:20 We love the Tangled bathrooms
13:05 Magical Express picks you up an hour earlier - Source
13:53 Surprise Fast Passes - Source
14:58 Saks Fifth Ave. has snow white windows in NYC - Source
15:16 Increibles II teaser was released - Source
16:38 The Main Topic
Play Fair NY part2
17:04 Let's play Happy Salmon
20:36 Lego statues
21:25 Ben-10
21:55 Toys r us
22:40 Imagine by Ruby's
23:13 K'nex
23:52 More Lego!
24:54 Insect lore
25:34 Air hogs
25:51 Play Fair NY wrap up
27:47 Disney Trivia - How many people visit WDW?
28:42 Disney Tips & Tricks - Ride the Avatar rides without Fast passes and long lines
31:12 Disney Media Pick - Micky Mile and More podcast https://mickeymiles.podbean.com/
32:45 Feedback - the rides you want to see
33:58 Good bye
35:29 Bloopers

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